Training Topics

Customized Training, and Executive or Leadership Coaching is available in person or virtually for all topics.

Feel free to contract her to discuss the virtual options for her listed programs. With advance notice, she’ll be happy to customize a presentation specifically for your company, conference, or meeting venue!

Communication Skills Training

We provide top-rated effective communication training and leadership coaching for interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, active listening, and business etiquette.

Cross Cultural Training

Our training addresses the different cultural business practices, cultural behaviors, cultural norms or tendencies, and the cultural business expectations to create rapport.

Customer Service Training

Address the customer care needed for Internal and External Customers including Call Centers, Technical, or Multi-Cultural Customers

Diversity Training Programs

We offer cultural diversity training, diversity coaching, cross cultural communication books, cultural sensitivity training, workplace diversity training, cultural awareness training and more.

Leadership Skills Training

Emerging or Existing Leadership Programs, Profiles, and Assessments for all levels from Supervisory to Executive Management

Management Training Programs

For all levels of Management in the areas of Interpersonal, Performance, Organizational, and Strategic Management

Negotiation Skills Training

Win-Win Strategies for Interpersonal or Sales Negotiations for every country or area.

Presentation Skills Training

Programs for Train-the-Trainer, Marketing Presentations, Meeting Management, and Keynote, Podium, or Camera Presentations

Sales Training Programs

Available for all levels of sales interactions from Sales Calls to Marketing Presentations, Negotiations, Closing, and Follow-up.

Stress Management Training

Scientific Applications of the most current Stress Reduction Techniques are taught for use quickly and efficiently on-the-job or at home .

Team Building Training

Totally interactive and Communication Based Team Building for all types of teams, including Executive Management.

Time Management Training

Time Management Strategies to help you Organize, Plan, Minimize, and Eliminate .

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