Diversity Training Programs

Diversity Training Programs

Top rated diversity training programs and leadership coaching for intercultural communication, gender business etiquette, body language, and race cultural competency. Onsite or virtual Cultural Diversity Training and Executive or Leadership Coaching for Cultural, Ethnic, Race, Gender or Law Specific Diversity. We offer programs for all types of cultural diversity training including Sexual Harassment, Diverse Relationship Styles, and Multicultural Differences.

Customized diversity training programs and leadership coaching for effective communication for racial challenges, gender issues, cross cultural communication, and international business. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

Diversity and Cultural Awareness Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Cultural Diversity Training Programs. We offer individual cultural diversity coaching, cultural sensitivity training, workplace diversity training, cultural awareness training, cross cultural communication books and more. 

Workplace diversity training can focus on understanding ethnic or gender cultural preferences, stereotyping, information flow, regional / supervisory workplace differences, and multi-cultural sales or negotiations. We incorporate the “Do’s & Taboos or Cultural Clues”, for social / business etiquette, and day-to-day living expectations for any country, culture, or area.

Our training addresses different cultural business practices, behaviors, norms, tendencies, and expectations to create cultural rapport in person, on the phone, or in written communications and e-mail. We help companies become “pro-active” by valuing diverse relationships, and capitalizing on differences.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized diversity training courses and leadership coaching on Intercultural Communication, body language, business etiquette, cultural competency, cross cultural communication and effective communication for international business and more!

Our Training Programs, Workshops, Leadership Coaching, and Keynote Speaker Presentations are available virtually or by webinar.

Customized Topics
Feel free to contract us to discuss the virtual options. With advance notice, we are happy to customize our topics for your company, conference, or meeting venue.
Best Selling Book
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