Cultural Tips for Chili- including some valuable business travel tips for Chili!

Cultural Tips for Chili – including some valuable business travel tips for Chili!

Chileans are a very patriotic people and will likely take offense at negative comments of any kind directed at their country.

Third party introductions through institutions such as banks and consulting firms are often necessary to conducting business in Chile.

Learn something about the Chilean culture in advance of your visit, it will be appreciated. For example, Chile has marvelous wine and is very proud of it and the large industry it created.

Conservative values tend to prevail in politics, economics, and social attitudes. Honesty and integrity are highly valued.

Business discussions are generally preceded by some preliminary “small talk”.

During introductions follow the lead of your Chilean counterparts.

Smiling and making eye contact are part of the ritual of presenting and receiving cards. Take a few moments read your counterpart’s business card after it is handed to you.

Chileans generally converse in closer proximity than many cultures, so do your best to adapt to this practice. It may be taken personally if you back away from someone.

As friendships develop and solidify, handshakes are often followed by enthusiastic kissing, hugging and back patting. Avoid stiffening or pulling away as they may take offense.

In Business Chile can be a somewhat formal country, so follow the protocol of your Chilean counterparts.

Be aware that there is a lot of competition between Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

Don’t compare Chile to Argentina because there has been a great deal of conflict between the two countries.

Know about and emphasize the positive aspects of Chile and its current economy.

In conversation, try to deflect attention away from yourself. The best strategy is to display a genuine interest in others.

With new relationships, ask questions related sports, travel, culture, or life in Chile rather than very personal questions.

Chileans perceive interruptions as a way of participating in conversations and displaying interest in what is being said. If you are interrupted there is no need to take offense!

Remember that Chileans tend to have an inherent sense of courtesy that sometimes causes them to say what they think they want you to hear, rather than give a candid response.

Personal honor is very important to Chilean businesspeople. Refrain from publicly criticizing or patronizing others and avoid doing anything else that might create embarrassment.

Chilean business culture has a definite hierarchical order and you will be expected to defer to the most senior person present.

It’s important to observe the “chain of command” in negotiations.

Negotiations tend to take longer in Chile than in North America so patiently follow the process.

5 Key Conversation or Cultural Gesture Tips

Pointing at other people is often considered rude, however pointing at things is acceptable.

Sports are an excellent topic. Popular sports include skiing and fishing.

The Chilean culture, art and literature are excellent topics.

Chile’s beautiful geography, landscape, lakes and vineyards.

Food and wine are always good topics.

5 Key Conversation or Cultural Gesture Taboos

Don’t criticize any aspect of Chile, even if your Chilean companions make critical remarks.

It’s best not to mention the countries surrounding Chile – Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

Don’t discuss human rights violations and the Araucanian Indians.

Avoid any discussion around ethnic and social classes or religion.

It’s advisable not to bring up wars and politics involving Chile.

Bon Voyage!

Join us in the future for Do’s and Taboos for CHINA!

Cultural Tips for Chili – including some valuable business travel tips for Chili!

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Cultural Tips for Chili – including some valuable business travel tips for Chili

This article on cultural differences in Chili and cultural travel tips for Chili is a brief snapshot of conversation guidelines for Chili, tips for communicating in Chili, and business strategies for Chili to help with understanding the culture in Chili. It’s important to keep in mind that as we homogenize as a ‘global culture,’ cultural tendencies change and evolve as well. Awareness is the first step when it comes to cultural Do’s and Taboos for Chili and tips for intercultural communication!

It’s easy for business travelers to think that even when they travel, business is going to be done pretty much the same way it is at home. But that’s not always the case. Cultural differences can have a significant impact on global business etiquette. That’s why it’s important for business travelers to make sure that they understand the culture of the country that they’re doing business in.

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