Cultural Clues, Communication Guidelines for ARGENTINA

Expect Argentines to speak Castilian Spanish with an Italian accent rather than the Mexican dialect of Spanish.

Relationship building, rapport and trust are very important in Argentinian business.

It may be a good strategy to make an appointment in Argentina with an “enchufado”, an individual who has high-level contacts in your field. This person can make the necessary introductions on your behalf.

If you want to deal with this country’s government, it is often helpful to have an Argentine contact act as an intermediary before you attempt to make an appointment.

Argentines generally converse in closer proximity than North Americans, so do your best to adapt to this practice because it may be taken personally if you back away from someone.

For business related occasions punctuality is appreciated and expected from visitors, however it’s not uncommon for your Argentine counterparts to be approximately 30 or so minutes late.

Argentines like to engage in “small talk.” Generally, they are very sociable and take a genuine interest in Argentine cultural affairs.

Try not to take offense if people make jokes at your expense, even if remarks are directed at your weight or other aspects of your appearance. This kind of comment is a sign that your Argentine companions are comfortable around you.

Businesswomen are well respected and accepted in Argentinian business.

A firm, inviting handshake is an important part of making a first impression. In accordance with Argentine business protocol, women should initiate the handshakes with men.

It’s not uncommon for women to be asked personal questions about their marital status and family. Give a discreet reply, and if you really don’t want to answer remain polite and gracefully side step the question.

Initially, avoid personal questions and inquiries about family until you have become better acquainted with someone.

Many Argentines like getting into discussions about politics and religion, however as a visitor it will be in your best interest not to get involved unless you know someone very well.

Sincere compliments about anything Argentinian are always welcome.

Professional status and ranking will be important to your Argentine counterparts, so make sure you have equal status as those you will be meeting.

As friendships develop, enthusiastic kissing, hugging and back patting often follow handshakes. Follow the lead of your Argentine counterparts, as they may take offense if you try to recoil from these gestures.

Avoid discussing the war in the Falkland Islands, since this is an episode that the Argentines would prefer to leave behind. If the subject does come up, the islands should be referred to by their Argentine name, the Malvinas Islands

Hierarchy is important in Argentine business culture. Senior executives and others of status are always given great respect.

In negotiations, the top executives will play key roles in the final decision.

Typically, negotiations will take longer than in the U.S. and other non-Latin American cultures so be patient.

If all the feedback you receive seems unusually positive, keep in mind that it can be very difficult for Argentines to openly disagree with someone they like.

5 Key Conversation Topics or Cultural Gesture Tips

  • Any topic having to do with Argentine art, theater, movies and opera
  • Sports, such as futbol (soccer), U.S. style football is called “futbol americano”
  • Your international travels and the area of Argentina you’re visiting
  • Restaurants, food, and the great wine in Argentina
  • The beauty of the Argentine architecture, parks and gardens

5 Key Conversation Topics or Cultural Gesture Taboos

  • Criticizing or joking about Argentine culture and traditions
  • Avoid praising Argentina’s neighbors, particularly Chile. Argentina has fought wars with all their neighboring countries
  • Negative comments about Argentina’s government, cities, or Argentina’s sports teams
  • It’s best to avoid discussion about religion in Argentina until you know someone well
  • Political opinions are strong in Argentina, so it’s best to stay out of the discussion unless you know those involved very well

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Cultural Tips for Argentina – including some valuable business travel tips for Argentina

This article on cultural differences in Argentina and cultural travel tips for Argentina is a brief snapshot of conversation guidelines for Argentina, tips for communicating in Argentina, and business strategies for Argentina to help with understanding the culture in Argentina. It’s important to keep in mind that as we homogenize as a ‘global culture,’ cultural tendencies change and evolve as well. Awareness is the first step when it comes to cultural do’s and taboos for Argentina and tips for intercultural communication!

It’s easy for business travelers to think that even when they travel, business is going to be done pretty much the same way it is at home. But that’s not always the case. Cultural differences can have a significant impact on global business etiquette. That’s why it’s important for business travelers to make sure that they understand the culture of the country that they’re doing business in.

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