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New Gayle website!

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New Gayle Cotton website! 

Check out her Website at: 

Watch her Speaker demo filmed live for Shell Oil. It’s one of her favorite topics, ‘The 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Business Communications’. Those near and dear to her have affectionately nicknamed the topic, ‘The Dumb Blond Jokes Are Global’, which definitely bears some truth. As a blonde, female American who speaks on cross-cultural topics around the world, she’s often said that she has 3 strikes against her, however that has never stopped her from winning over audiences around the world!

Take a look at Gayle’s new ‘Photo Gallery’

From makeup to hair, travel with Gayle as she speaks around the world! You’ll be part of all her adventures!

Don’t miss Gayle’s ‘Newsroom’ with all her media!

On Gayle’s Blog, she is starting with her first article on Argentina!

Coming Soon!

Gayle is in the process of updating and reproducing her best-selling DVD from

The ‘5 Keys’ to Successful Cross-Cultural Business Communications

at AMS studios in Dallas

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