Gayle Cotton is interviewed by BBC on Her Experience Living in Zurich!


Read Gayle Cotton’s interview as an expat living in Zurich Switzerland along with expats living in Quayaquil Equador, Luxembourg City, Mexico City, and New York City!

To find out where expats were happiest these days, online network Inter Nations recently conducted a survey of 14,000 expats across 160 countries. The organization asked participants to weigh in on family life, work life, personal finance and ease of settling in to the community.

Read more here! Living in the World’s Best Cities

To learn more about the Dos and Taboos for different cultures, and the communication styles of Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East – order Gayle Cotton’s bestselling book “Say Anything to Anyone Anywhere!’ available on Amazon as a Book, eBook, or Audio Book

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