Sales Training & Coaching


Standard or Customized Sales Training and Executive or Leadership Coaching for all levels of sales from Prospecting to Marketing Presentations, Negotiations, Price Selling, Closing and Follow-up. We teach all types of influencing skills, including for multi-cultural sales. Our Sales Training Consultants are available for one-on-one coaching, and specialized needs.

We provide top-rated sales strategies training and leadership coaching for influencing skills, closing the deal, win win negotiation, negotiation strategies, presentation skills, and effective communication. We also can provide a sales business coach for customized individual help. We work globally and offer exceptional service and results!

We offer sales training programs, sales training coaching, international sales training, sales negotiations training, sales leadership training and more. Sales Effectiveness Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Sales Training Programs.

Establish "pro-active" rather than "reactive" sales relationships, and understand all areas of social / business etiquette, including appropriate gifts, timing, proper material presentations, dining, gender issues, and the leadership hierarchy with international business customers.

Utilize the "people-reading" and sales strategies necessary for confirmation of understanding, overcoming objections, conflict resolution, and establishing solid partnerships. Learn to turn a "no sale" into a "future sale"

We can help you create and present marketing material that supports your tasks and objectives appropriate to the client, culture, and product. This includes the written material, "buzzwords", design, and color appropriate for international customers.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to exceptional service for our customized sales strategies training and leadership coaching for influencing skills, closing the deal, win win negotiation, negotiation strategies, presentation skills, effective communication, or we can offer a sales business coach and more!

Global headquarters in Dallas, TX

Our Training Programs, Seminars, Leadership Coaching, and Keynote Speaker Presentations are available virtually or by webinar. Our office setting is very professional, and we have high-quality equipment to broadcast our programs.

Feel free to contract us to discuss the virtual options. With advance notice, we are happy to customize our topics for your company or conference / meeting venue.

Professional Development Programs

Communication Skills Training
Negotiation Skills Training
Cross-Cultural Training Presentation Skills Training
Customer Service Training Sales Training Program
Diversity Training Programs Stress Management Training
Leadership Skills Training Team Building Training
Management Training Programs Time Management Training
Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Circles Of Excellence provides top-rated leadership coaching, corporate training, motivational speakers, and public speakers for effective communication, interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication, intercultural communication, international business, body language, time management, stress management, and team building. We will help your company implement best practices by coaching leadership, and by training corporate employees with our Communication Skills Training, Cross-Cultural Training, Customer Service Training, Diversity Training Programs, Leadership Skills Training, Management Training Programs, Negotiation Skills Training, Presentation Skills Training, Sales Training Programs, Stress Management Training, Team Building Training, Time Management Training and more!