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Standard or Customized Communications Training and Executive Coaching to enhance and improve all levels of Interpersonal Communication Skills for internal and external business relationships including Management, Customer or Client, and Cross-Cultural.

We provide top-rated customized training courses on Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Conflict Resolution and more. Circles Of Excellence is committed to results! We offer our services globally from our Corporate Headquarters in Dallas, TX.

We offer communication skills training, communication coaching, cross-cultural communication books, effective communications training, communications workshops, conflict management training and more. Communication Effectiveness Assessments & Profiles are available for all of our Communication Skills Training Programs.

Understand how Intra-personal Communication affects Interpersonal Communication, and become pro-active in creating quality communication, rapport skills, and behavior flexibility.

Conflict Resolution, Win-Win Negotiations, Effective Framing Strategies, and overcoming Communication Challenges are interactively integrated through exercises, role-plays, and profiles.

Cultural challenges around verbal and non-verbal language can be addressed with Diction Coaching, Enunciation Coaching, and English Pronunciation Coaching. We teach how to model the most effective communication strategies based on respect and understanding. Skills are reinforced for phone, e-mail, and interpersonal communications.

Circles Of Excellence is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service for all of our customized training courses on Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution and more!

Professional Development Programs

Communication Skills Training
Negotiation Skills Training
Cross-Cultural Training Presentation Skills Training
Customer Service Training Sales Training Program
Diversity Training Programs Stress Management Training
Leadership Skills Training Team Building Training
Management Training Programs Time Management Training
Circles Of Excellence provides their services globally from locations in the US and Europe.


Please contact us about our Professional Keynote Speakers, Corporate Training Programs and Executive Coaches for your effective communication training, cross cultural education, cultural diversity training, quality customer service training, leadership development courses, management training programs, presentation skills courses, sales negotiation training, stress management seminars, team building workshops, time management courses and more. Training is available as Instructor Led or Blended Training. Executive and Management Coaching is provided for all leadership levels. Training Programs are available for Licensing and Train-The-Trainer certification.