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Great BBC News Article! Culture shock: How to speak business anywhere

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This 7 page article is one of the best we’ve seen on how to overcome culture shock and communicate successfully in international business! It’s a ‘must read” for understanding global business challenges, and it offers valuable insight for those working in Asia, the Latin Countries, the US, the UK, as well as Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The article is a result of BBC interviews with Gayle Cotton, President of Circles Of Excellence, Denis LeClerc, professor of cross-cultural communication at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, and Erin Meyer, a professor at INSEAD business school in Fontainbleau, France. We congratulate Gayle for her part in creating this great article!

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“An abrupt response to a simple telephone greeting changed the trajectory of Gayle Cotton’s career when Cotton began her career working at the UN…”

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Emmy Award Winner, Gayle Cotton, is the author of this article and of the bestselling book, SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication’, available on Amazon as a Book, eBook, or Audio Book. She is President of Circles Of Excellence for Corporate Education, and a distinguished Professional Keynote Speaker. Contact Gayle to be a conference speaker for your events! She is a cross cultural expert that will entertain and inspire audiences of all sizes with her fresh, unique, and humorous approach to cross-cultural communication and social business etiquette. Gayle travels worldwide from business bases in Texas and Switzerland.

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